Finding better bets – From the Asian Handicap 0.0 to higher risk betting

Our life is about seeking arbitrages, namely that finding efficiency-enhancing opportunities by turning them into our advantage, particularly when it comes to financial rewards options. It holds especially in case of online sport betting; let we talk about opportunities associated with lower odds (Asian Handicap 0.0) or other types of betting showing higher risks.

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Betting the Asian way

Asian Handicap 0.0 bets are ideally suited when two teams of equal value are facing each other, a very balanced game can be expected and the respective odds are almost the same. It is not uncommon for games without real favourites to end in a draw. A division of points does not lead to a loss with the Asian zero bet! Instead, a draw is rated by the bookmaker with odds of 1, and you get your stake back.

Basically, the Asian Handicap 0.0, which is also known as the +0 Asian Handicap or zero bet, is the same as the “Draw No Bet” (bet without a tie or no bet if a tie). Because with both types of bets, in the event of a tie, the full stake is returned. With this bet you are protected against a draw. However, this protection is at the expense of the odds, which are lower compared to the normal 3-way bet.

The Asian handicap calculator for a zero bet is correspondingly simple and looks like this:

  • Your victorious team;
  • Bet won;
  • Draw;
  • Full stake will be paid back
  • Your defeated team;
  • Lost bet;

It can be seen that with the Asian Handicap 0.0, in which neither of the two teams is given a handicap, the risk factor is significantly reduced in favour of the bettor. Because the originally three options (win team A, draw, win team B) become two options (win team A, win team B). For you this means an attractive fifty-fifty chance to increase your stakes or not to be left completely empty-handed.

Finding better bets in general

The best sports betting tricks for beginners will not help much if there are not lucrative bets around. For instance, there are excellent betting offers in fields like basketball, tennis, ice hockey or handball. Above all, they also make sure that a wide range of events is covered. This suggests that sport betting is not fully about luck, luck is just the residuum of well-designed strategy and self-control. In the meantime, top sport betting providers want to give all sports betting fans the opportunity to find the best sports betting on the market today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

In order to increase the fun level of a sport betting in case of soccer, finding different bets is the instructive way forward. Of course, there are many lucrative betting tips out there from professionals, so that beginners in particular have the opportunity to find attractive offers very quickly and easily. In general, it is a good idea to just browse through the portfolio.

The welcome bonus plays an important role in every bookmaker test. Beginners can get an excellent new customer bonus, which brings a considerable advantage. The bonus is of course linked to bonus conditions that are in turn quite simple ones. This means that even beginners can use the welcome bonus very easily.

In sum, having fun should be considered as a fundamental goal of online sport betting. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity, hence expect responsible gaming (e.g., Asian handicap 0.0), reliable payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, and, last but not at all least, safety standards and a clean slate.

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